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(Your name) told us you might be interested in the criminal prosecutions arising from the leak of a memo about an alleged conversation between Tony Blair and George Bush concerning the Iraq war.

Last November it emerged that a secret memo about a supposed plan to bomb the Al Jazeera TV network had been leaked to anti-war MP Tony Clarke. Apparently President Bush did not like Al Jezeera's coverage of events in Iraq.

On January 24th the leakers will appear at preliminary hearings, charged under the Official Secrets Act.

Please join Vote4Peace in protesting against the charges. We believe important civil liberties issues are raised by the prosecution, not to mention the disfunctional nature of the UK-US relationship.

Please go to to send an email to the law officers pushing for the prosectuion of the leakers.

For more information and to be kept in touch with the case, please go to our homepage at

Thank you.