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Thank you for your interest in constituency.

Vote4Peace is putting together a volunteer pack that we will distribute to supporters nearer the election. If you are interested in helping in the run-up to the election campaign, here are four options:

1. Contact your nearest target constituency

You can contact your local taget constituency via their website. They will welcome help with such activities as leaflet delivery, office work or canvassing.

2. Telephone canvass from home

For those who want to help from home, we have linked up with two constituencies to assist with telephone canvassing. They are Calder Valley (Christine McCafferty, Labour) and Romsey (Sandra Gidley, Liberal Democrat).

The campaigns will provide you with an information pack to tell you how - and who to call. Please email us or telephone on 0845 345 5413 to find out more.

3. Join a Vote4Peace campaign day

We are arranging a day for V4P volunteers to help Labour MP Bob Marshall-Andrews QC (date to be confirmed) His constituency is Medway, Kent. Please email us or telephone on 0845 345 5413 to find out more.

4. Contact your local MP about Iran and Syria

We are building a database of MPs' attitudes to further possible military adventures in Iran or Syria. Please write to your local MP and ask about his or her view and let us have a copy. Enter your postcode below to send them a message on this issue: